Tuesday, April 20, 2010

You don't need to pray about it!

OK... I am sure that may have grabbed your attention. Let me say that I believe that there are things in life that you DO NOT need to pray about. For instance, do you really need to pray whether or not you are going to rob a bank? Harm a child? Or commit murder? No! There are standards and expectations that are simply stated in the Bible that are so evident that to pray about them are preposterous.

Of course it is easy to accept this when they are the big obvious things, but what about the areas that may not be so clear. Well, perhaps the reason why they are not clear is because we have wandered from the truth. We have lost a love for God's word and in fact would be shocked to realize the contents.

2nd Timothy 2:15 tells us that we must study to show ourselves approved as workmen who correctly handle the word of truth.

You see the word does indeed give us truth. When we want a truthful answer we need to read and heed God's word. I believe that the underlying problem is that we avoid the word because as a famous movie line states... "You can't handle the TRUTH!"

Yet people try to justify their actions and decisions by saying, "Well I have prayed about it", or "I have a peace" or "It has been confirmed to me by..." Again let me say that there are things that you really don't need to pray about. Prayer will not change God's standards and expectations.

I have actually had people say to me in the past, "I know what the Bible says, but I believe that God understands!" I have often said that the first two words in a backslider's life are "God Understands". He understands indeed that you are being rebellious when you don't line your life up with the standard of God's word.

We need to again see a great awakening in America. It will only come when we fall in love with God and His word.